The instructional cyclist trail Paměti Slepičích Hor ("Memory of the Slepičí Hory mountains") leads in the countryside among the small towns Trhové Sviny and Benešov nad Černou, in the part of Novohradské Podhůří (Nové hrady Foothills) called Slepičí Hory (Hen Mountains).

The trail was founded to inform visitors of cultural, historical and other interests of Slepičí Hory.
It is one of three instructional trails with the topic of life in the Czech-Austrian borderland - trails Paměti Novohradska ("Memory of the Nové Hrady region"), Paměti Slepičích Hor, and Paměti Vitorazska ("Memory of the Vitoraz region").

The circular trail, which is intended for cyclists, is 54 km long with 17 informative boards. They inform of the history and interests of the place where they are situated and they are not numbered.
The most usual points of departure are Benešov nad Černou or the villages Besednice and Žumberk.
The route is marked with small boards with the logo of the trail and with the signs on trees along the way - small green circles.

Interesting places on the trail:
Benešov nad Černou - Church of St. James the Greater, instructional trail Brána Do Novohradských Hor
Děkanské Skaliny - rock formations and the ruins of the Sokolčí castle
Soběnov Dam - one of the oldest hydro-electric plants in Bohemia
Trhové Sviny - memorial of the president Emil Hácha, Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary, nature trail Trhosvinensko
Žumberk - fortified village with the fortress