The instructional cyclist trail Paměti Novohradska ("Memory of the Nové Hrady region") leads in the countryside among the towns and villages Nové Hrady, Horní Stropnice, Dobrá Voda, and Žumberk.

The trail is dedicated to acquaint visitors with the history and interests of this region.
It is one of three instructional trails with the topic of life in the Czech-Austrian borderland - trails Paměti Novohradska, Paměti Slepičích Hor ("Memory of the Slepičí Hory Mountains"), and Paměti Vitorazska ("Memory of the Vitoraz region").

The 46 km long trail with 17 informative boards is intended for cyclist.
The circular route runs along the marked ways for cyclist (Nr. 1050, 1046, 34). It starts and ends near the castle in Nové Hrady.

Interesting places on the trail:
Nové Hrady - castle, chateau, monastery, Buquoys' Tomb
Žár - the largest pond and a place with the oldest traces of habitation in the region
Žumberk - fortified village with the fortress
Horní Stropnice - St. Nicholas' Church, Humenická Přehrada dam
Dobrá Voda - pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary with nice views of the Třeboňská Pánev (Třeboň Basin)
Veveří - remainders of former settlement