The village Besednice lies near the northern foot of Slepičí Hory (Hens' Mountains) about 10 km north-east of the town Kaplice.

The history of Besednice dates back to the 14th century. In the second half of the 14th century it was under the ownership of the castle village Velešín and at the end of the same century it became property of the Rožmberks. From 1395 till 1910 the village was a possession of the St. Vitus' Church in the town Český Krumlov.
Granite and brick-clay were mined and processed here in past.

The most important sight is the St. Procopius' Church from 1738, which stands above the village. The farmhouses with the Baroque gables can be seen around the square. There is the village chapel of St. John Nepomucene in the square too.

The nature reserves Vysoký Kámen (High Stone), Ševcova Hora (Cobbler's Mount) and Besednické Vltavíny (Besednice's Moldavites) can be visited in the surroundings of the village.
The instructional trail Paměti Slepičích Hor ("Memory of the Slepičí Hory mountains") passes through the village.

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