The instructional cyclist trail Paměti Vitorazska ("Memory of the Vitoraz region") leads along the Czech-Austrian border in the area among the small towns Nové Hrady, Suchdol nad Lužnicí, and České Velenice.

The main subject of the trail is the history of life in this region.
It is one of three instructional trails with the topic of life in the Czech-Austrian borderland - trails Paměti Novohradska ("Memory of the Nové Hrady region"), Paměti Slepičích Hor ("Memory of the Slepičí Hory Mountains"), and Paměti Vitorazska.

The whole cyclist trail is 89 km long and it also runs in Austria. There are 29 informative boards with notices describing history of places along the route. They are not numbered.
The most usual points of departure are Nové Hrady, České Velenice or Suchdol nad Lužnicí.
The path is marked with small boards with the logo of the trail and with the signs on trees on the way - small blue circles.