The instructional trail Nadějkovsko (Nadějkov Region) leads in the surroundings of the village Nadějkov (about 15 km north-west of the town Tábor) in the Středočeská Pahorkatina (Middle Czech Hillycountry).

The trail is dedicated to acquaint visitors with natural, historical, ethnical, and cultural interests of Nadějkov and this region.

The trail is passable for pedestrians and also for cyclists. It is 14 km long (about 4 hours on foot) and it can be split into 2 shorter circuits: the first circuit (with informative boards numbered 1 - 8) is about 8 km long; the other one is about 6 km long (boards 8 - 15).
The point of departure and the destination (boards 1 and 15) are situated in the square in Nadějkov.
The route is marked by the green sign.

Interesting places on the trail:
Nadějkov - chateau, Church of the Most Holy Trinity
Mozolov - rustic architecture, timbered houses
Smutná river - remainders of prehistorical burial mounds
Na Rozhrání - remainders of the former Celtic settlement
Modlíkov - small stone chapel in the place called "Lurdy"
Cedron - the upper reaches of the Smutná river, placers (remainders of gold-washing)