Only a few parts of the Středočeská Pahorkatina (Middle Czech Hillycountry) extend to South Bohemia.

They are the Táborská Pahorkatina (Tábor Hillycountry), the Ševětínská Vrchovina (Ševětín Hillycountry), the Soběslavská Pahorkatina (Soběslav Hillycountry) and the Písecká Pahorkatina (Písek Hillycountry) in the area around the towns Tábor, Týn nad Vltavou, Písek and Milevsko. The highest peak is Javorová Skála hill (Maple Rock - 737 m) near the dividing line between South Bohemia and Central Bohemia.

This little rolling country with small drops is densely populated, but the untouched and well preserved places can be found here as well. Some places of interest are also protected here: the reserve Dědovické Stráně (Dědovice Slopes) north of Písek, the protected area Kněz north of Milevsko, the Borkovická Blata peat-bog (Borkovice Marshland) near the town Soběslav, the Chýnov Cave and many more.