The instructional trail Milevsko leads in the town Milevsko and its vicinity.

The path leads through the countryside along the middle reaches of the Vltava river, in the vicinity of Milevsko. It acquaints visitors with the technical interests (railroad viaduct), natural interests (Milevský Potok stream, forest, forest ants, memorable trees, ...) and historical interests (history of forestry, Šibenný Vrch ["Gallows Hill"], ...) of the region.

The circular trail is passable for both pedestrians and cyclists.
The point of departure is on the southern outskirts of the town in a suburb called Písecké Předměstí. The trail leads to the village Zbelítov, a passes lodge called "Spálená", goes on to the northern outskirts of the town and continues to the farmstead Staňkov (east of Milevsko). Then it returns back to Milevsko past Pytlák pond (south-east of the town).
The path is 25 km long (with 23 informative boards) and it is marked by yellow tourist signs.

Interesting places on the trail:
Nr. 5 - "den trees" - trees with hollows used by birds for nesting
Nr. 6 - Pytlák pond ("Poacher")
Nr. 9 - railroad and railroad viaduct
Nr. 12 - memorable trees
Nr. 20 - Šibenný vrch ("Gallows Hill")
Nr. 22 - history of forests