The branch of the instructional trail Zlatá Stezka (Golden Path) leads from the town Vimperk to the border crossing towns Strážný - Philippsreut (Germany). It runs partially in the Protected Landscape Area and the National Park Šumava.

The trail acquaints visitors with the original route of the Vimperk branch of the Zlatá Stezka path, which was used for the transportation of salt and other goods from Germany to Bohemia. The path running from Passau originally had three branches. The first one led through the village Kvilda and the town Kašperské Hory and then continued to inland. The second part went through the towns Strážný and Vimperk (Vimperk branch) and the third route passed the towns Volary and Prachatice (Prachatice branch).

There are 12 informative boards along 30 km long route. It is passable in approximately 1 day on foot.
The route can be split into more shorter parts, e.g. Vimperk - Korkusova Huť (about 8 km with 4 boards), Korkusova Huť - Kubova Huť (about 7 km with 2 boards), Kubova Huť - Strážný (about 10 km with 4 boards), Strážný - Philippsreut (Germany) (about 5 km with 2 boards).
The way is marked by the yellow-black signs with the picture of the whipper leading packhorses and with crossed keys.

Interesting places on the trail:
Vimperk - the old town on the Zlatá Stezka path
Gold on the Zlatá Stezka path - former finding places along the route
Remainders of the original path in the surroundings of Kubova Huť
Remainders of the former settlement Havranka
Žlíbský Systém system - remainders of the original path around Žlíbský Vrch hill
Ruins of the Kunžvart castle which protected the route