The instructional trail Vejrovským Zemanstvím (Vejrov Rank of Yeoman) leads in the vicinity of the villages Branice, Veselíčko, and Stehlovice, near the town Milevsko.

It acquaints visitors with historical and natural interests in this locality and humorously also with the history of fictive property Vejrovské Zemanství. The imaginary territory named after the settlement "Na Vejrově" is described with humorous form on the base of historical facts (in Branice there used to be yeoman's stronghold).

The path is 12 km long with 20 informative boards. The first third of them informs of the history of the region, the second third describes natural interests and the last third is dedicated to fictive tales about Vejrovské Zemanství. The point of departure is in Branice in front of the railway station.

Interesting places on the trail:
Prohledárium - minimuseum of Branice and its near surroundings
Round Table - a legend about Round Table
Vejrov - the settlement on the outskirts of Branice (origin of fictive Vejrovské Zemanství)
Artiodactyls - attractive members of animal kingdom of Vejrovské Zemanství
Transversal line - history and present of railroad Tábor - Ražice
Obora - history of the former observation tower on the top of Obora hill (570 m)