The small holiday centre Červená nad Vltavou is situated on the right bank of the Orlík Dam about 10 km south-west of the town Milevsko, 346 m a.s.l.

The original hamlet has been covered with water of the Orlík Dam. The present village is the recreational area with a lot of bungalows.
The flooded village was property of the monastery in Milevsko. The St. Bartholomew's Church was founded at the end of the 12th century (probably 1190). It is mentioned as "rufa ecclesia" (red church) due to the building material. The name of the village means "Red Village Above the Vltava river" and it comes from the name of the church. The church was removed to the safe place before the filling up of the Orlík Dam.

In present it can be found about 4 km far from the present village along the Vltava river in the small village called Červená II (about 12 km south-west from Milevsko).

The steel railroad bridge from 1889 spans the Orlík Dam not far from the hamlet. It was the second biggest bridge in the former Austro-Hungarian Empire at the time of the construction of this bridge.