The instructional trail Medvědí Stezka (Bear Path) is the oldest instructional trail in the Šumava mountains. It connects the railway station Černý Kříž (6 km south-west of the town Volary) with the railway station Ovesná (3 km west of the small village Nová Pec) - both stations are on the railway Nová Pec - Černý Kříž - Volary.

The trail acquaints visitors with a lot of interesting rock formations on the slopes of Perník mountain, in the northern part of the Trojmezenská Hornatina (Three Landmarks Highlands).

The path is about 14 km long. It is also possible to choose the shorter way between the settlements Ovesná and Jelení with the most interesting rock formations on the slopes of Perník mountain (about 7 km).
The trail is marked with yellow tourist signs. There are a lot of informative boards along the path with several resting places.
It is only passable for hiking visitors. The point of departure of the shortest version in Jelení is accessible by car on the road from Nová Pec.

Interesting places on the trail:
Bärenstein (Bear Stone) - memorial in the place where the last bear in the Šumava mountains was shot down
Schwarzenbergs' Canal - part of the canal with the tunnel in the neighbourhood of the settlement Jelení
Rock Vista - the rock town on the slopes of Perník mountain (1,049 m)
Logan Stone - very nice developed form of logan-stone
Giant Cubes - geometrically regular cubic stones
Stone Beauty
Smugglers Cave - rock formation resembling a cave
Cep - rock formation in the shape of mushroom