logo of the Protected Landscape Area Blanský Les

The Protected Landscape Area Blanský Les (Blansko Forest) was established in 1990. It is the complex with the untouched nature environment and it is situated south-west of the town České Budějovice. This area lies east of the Vltava river (between the small village Zlatá Koruna and the ruins of the Dívčí Kámen castle) in the basin around the village Křemže and in the part of the basin around the small town Chvalšiny to the village Kuklov. It is 21,235 ha large.

Most of this area is wooded with the forest with natural structure (55%). It is the natural habitat of a lot of animals and plants. The insects and mollusks, which live in lime and serpentine localities, are counted among the most valuable interesting points. The wildlife is represented by stags, roe deer and wild boars.

Several nature reserves were established for the protection of the most valuable parts of the protected landscape area. Among the best known are (e.g.):

The reserve Dívčí Kámen ("Girls' Stone" - 4.82 ha) was established in 1952 for the protection of the 70 m high rock spit above the confluence of the Vltava river with the Křemežský Potok (Křemže Stream). It lies in the eastern part about 10 km north-east of the town Český Krumlov. The well-known ruins of the Gothic castle of the same name, which lies on the opposite bank of the Vltava river, are a part of the reserve as well.
The nature reserve Kleť (65.04 ha) was established in 1956 for the protection of the area with the primeval forest north-west below the peak of the Kleť mountain. The reserve is not open to the public. The forest path leads along its border.
The reserve Holubovské Hadce (Holubov Serpentines - 15.68 ha) lies about 1 km north-west of the village Holubov. It originates from 1972 and it was established for the protection of the natural forest. The yellow marked trail from Křemže leads to this reserve.
The reserve Jaronínská Bučina (Jaronín Beechwood - 9.14 ha) lies about 4 km north-west of the village Nová Ves. It was established in 1973 for the protection of the beechwood in the primeval forest. It is not open to the public.
The nature reserve Vyšenské Kopce (Vyšný Hills - 35.46 ha) is situated about 3 km north-west of Český Krumlov. The xerophytic vegetation, which grows on the crystallic limestones, is protected here. It can be found on the yellow or green marked trails leading from Český Krumlov. The instructional trail was founded in the reserve.

The other reserves in Blanský Les are: Kalamandra, Bořinka, Vysoká Běta, Šimečkova Stráň (Šimeček's Slope), Dobročkovské Hadce (Dobročkov Serpentines), Na Lazích, Malá Skála (Little Rock) and Ptačí Stěna (Bird Wall).