The village Křemže is situated 13 km north of the town Český Krumlov in the Protected Landscape Area Blanský Les (Blansko Forest), 521 m a.s.l.

The oldest mention of the village dates back to 1351, when it was a dependent small town. After the Hussite Wars it became a property of Český Krumlov. There used to be a fortress in the 15th century as well, but it was soon destroyed.

The dominant feature of Křemže is the Church of St. Michael the Archangel from 1369. It was rebuilt into the present Neo-Gothic appearance between 1885 - 1887.

The village is a sought-after holiday centre nowadays. In the surroundings there are a lot of places of interest in the Protected Landscape Area Blanský Les - ruins of the Dívčí Kámen castle, Kleť mountain, etc.