The instructional trail Údolím Vimperských Památek ("Through the Valley of Vimperk Landmarks") goes through the town Vimperk and in its near surroundings.

The trail acquaints visitors with sights of the town and its vicinity.

The trail has two ways. The first one is about 4 km long and it leads along the significant sights in the town. The second one is about 6 km long and it runs in the surroundings of Vimperk.
Both trails intermingle and it is possible to proceed from one to another easily. They are marked, with informative boards. Both routes are also passable for cyclists.

Interesting places on the trail:
Square - statue of Immaculateness, house with preserved Gothic cellars
Town fortification - remainders of city walls
Bastions - preserved bastion above the valley of the Volyňka river
Stations of the Cross
Haselburg - unique cannon bastion
Chapel of Fourteen Helpers - Baroque chapel in the old cemetery below the chateau
St. Bartholomew's Church with cemetery - the oldest church in Vimperk
Černá Brána (Black Gate) - town gate
Log houses - two log houses from the 18th century
Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary - Gothic church from the 14th century
Belltower - originally the Gothic prismatic tower from about 1500
Klášterský Viadukt (Monastic Viaduct) - railroad bridge from the end of the 19th century