The nature trail Červené Blato (Red Marshland) leads in the nature reserve of the same name along the south-west border of the Protected Landscape Area Třeboňsko (in the area along the road from the town Nové Hrady to the town Třeboň).

The trail is dedicated to acquaint visitors with the history of the peat-bog and with its environmental importance. It also informs of the history of peat mining.

About 3 km long trail is only passable for pedestrians, most of the way runs on the wooden duckboards.
The point of departure lies about 300 m from the small parking-lot near the small village Jiříkovo Údolí. Along the trail there are 9 informative boards.

Interesting places on the trail:
Jiříkovo Údolí - history of the village and former glassworks, utilization of peat in glassworks
The peat-pool - terrace with a view of a small bog-lake
Evolution of the peat-bog, types of peat-bogs
Glass-making - history of glass-making in this region, production of hyalite glass
Fauna and flora of the peat-bog