The cyclotrail Okolo Třeboně (Around Třeboň) leads in the countryside among the town Třeboň and the villages Stará Hlína, Lutovo, and Majdalena, in the Protected Landscape Area Třeboňsko.

It acquaints visitors with natural interests of this region. It describes some elements of the countryside - pond system, peat-bogs, forests, waterlogged meadows, biota). It also points out results of human activity in the region.

The trail starts on the dam of Svět pond on the southern outskirts of Třeboň. It ends near the Hradecká Brána (Hradec Gate) in Třeboň.
The route is marked with green-white signs and on the boards there are plans with next course of the way.

Interesting places on the trail:
Nr. 2 - fish-farming, Zlatá Stoka (Golden Canal)
Nr. 4 - peat-bogs in this region
Nr. 9 - natural and artificial water ways in this region
Nr. 12 - evolution of rustic architecture
Nr. 16 - water canal Nová Řeka (New River), fauna and flora along it
Nr. 18 - Lužnice river and Stará Řeka (Old River)