Svět pond (World) is one of the best known ponds in South Bohemia. It is situated on the southern outskirts of the town Třeboň. It is the 10th largest pond in Bohemia (201.5 ha).

Svět was built in the 1570's by the regent of the Rožmberks' domain Jakub Krčín on the Spolský Potok stream, about 2 km south of the contemporary town. Its pointed dam, 7.5 m high and 1.4 km long, holds more than 3 million cubic metres of water. The pond with the area over 200 ha is a favourite recreation area for both citizens and visitors of Třeboň.

The pond is used for fish farming, recreation and water sports. Transport on boats is also provided there.

The instructional trail Cesta Kolem Světa (Trip Around Svět) leads around the pond and the instructional cyclotrails Okolo Třeboně (Around Třeboň) and Rožmberk start on the dam.