The instructional trail Cesta Kolem Světa (Trip Around Svět) leads in the neighbourhood of the town Třeboň, around Svět ("World") pond.

The trail acquaints visitors with the countryside around Třeboň, with the history of fish-farming and spa, rustic architecture, and flora and fauna in this region.

The circular trail is 12 km long and it is passable for both pedestrians and cyclists (with certain restrictions).
There are 16 informative boards along the trail. The first one is near the hotel in the park round the health resort Aurora and last stop is on the dam of Svět pond.
The path is marked with green-white signs and it runs along field and forest roads. The visitors can use some resting places.

Interesting places on the trail:
Nr. 2 - health resort park - history and present of spa in Třeboň
Nr. 5 - Vimperky 1 - elementary types of peat-bogs, fauna and flora of peat-bogs
Nr. 8 - Dolní Zlatník pond - building of ponds, types of floodgates, fish-farming
Nr. 10 - Spolský Mlýn mill -history and present of the mill
Nr. 13 - Cirkvičný rybník (lake) - ecosystem of water reservoir, food stances, water birds
Nr. 14 - Schwarzenbergs' Tomb - history of the St. Gilles' Church and the Schwarzenbergs' Tomb
Nr. 15 - U Svatého Vojtěcha - basic information of ponds Svět and Opatovický, Zlatá stoka (Golden Canal)
Nr. 16 - Šustův Pomník (Šusta's Memorial) - notable personalities of pond building