The path of the instructional trail Boubínský Prales (Boubín Forest) leads along the slopes of Boubín mountain (1.362 m) about 10 km south from the town Vimperk, in the Protected Landscape Area Šumava.

The main topic of the path is to acquaint visitors with the nature reserve Boubínský Prales, its natural conditions, evolution and utilization, with the history of Boubínské Jezírko (Boubín Lake) and timber-floating on the Kaplický Potok (Kaplice Stream), and with botanical and zoological interests.

There are placed 10 informative boards along 4 km long circle route, starting and finishing near Boubínské Jezírko lake. At the beginning and approximately in the half of the trail visitors can use resting places.
The trail is only intended for pedestrians. It is marked by local signs, partially by tourist blue sign.

Interesting places on the trail:
Boubínské Jezírko (Boubín Lake) - manmade water reservoir on the Kaplický Potok brook
Prop roots - massive tree roots, which are connected together over the ground
Král Smrků (King of Spruces) - although fallen it is the most massive tree of the forest
Hunting challet - former hunting challet under the peak
Views of the heart of the primaeval forest
Representatives of the primaeval forest species