The forestry instructional trail Vimperk leads in the school forest district and in the area on the northern and western slopes of Boubín mountain, in the surroundings of the town Vimperk.

The trail acquaints visitors with the rules of forest care and forest management.

The path is about 13 km long with 30 informative boards with information in English, Czech, and German languages. Along the route there are also resting places and a lumber challet.
The trail runs from the settlement Pravětín (about 4 km southeast of Vimperk.) to the last stop near the railway stop in the settlement Zátoň (about 2.5 km north of the village Lenora). It is possible to walk the trail in sections and in both directions without loosing continuity (each information board has a specific closed topic of information).
The topic of the trail is connected with the topics of the information centre of Czech Forests in Zátoň, nature trail Boubínský Prales (Boubín Forest) and information centre of the Protected Landscape Area Šumava in the settlement Idina Pila.

Interesting places on the trail:
Ways of the forest management
Damages on forest growth incurred by animals
Introduced wood species
Trimming and its significance
Natural reproduction of forest
Forest vermin and protection
Forest function in protecting the soil