The instructional trail Cesta Drahokamů ("Along the Path of Gemstones") leads through the town Písek and its surroundings in the Písecké Hory (Písek Mountains).

The nature trail introduces visitors mainly geological structure of the countryside, forestry in Písecké Hory, and its flora and fauna.

About 6.5 km long trail is only passable for pedestrians. The point of departure is at the lower square in Písek, the end point is situated by the lodge in the place called "V Živci" below the Jarník hill (609 m). On the trail there are 23 informative boards. The path is marked by the green-white signs.
After rain and in the winter season the trail is hardly passable.

Interesting places on the trail:
Velké Náměstí ("Big Square") – history of the town
Lime-pit – quarry in the place called "Za Dudáčkem" with a concept of a rock bridge
Lodge "V Živci" – history of the lodge, Jarník hill with observation tower with nice view of the Českobudějovická Pánev (České Budějovice Basin), Šumavské Podhůří (Šumava Foothills), and the Šumava mountains
Mining of minerals – history of mining gemstones in the surroundings of Písek
Písekit – rare place of mining mineral, named after the town Písek