The trail named after the writer and poet Adalbert Stifter leads in the small town Horní Planá and its surroundings, about 20 km south-west from the town Český Krumlov.

The main topics of the trail are the life and work of Adalbert Stifter and favourite and interesting places round the town.

The Adalbert Stifter trail is dedicated to pedestrians, but it is also passable for cyclists.
The point of departure is situated next to the natal house of Adalbert Stifter (writer's museum in present). About 4 km long path with 9 informative boards leads along the marked tourist routes.

Interesting places on the trail:
Nr. 1 - Stifter's natal house (museum of Adalbert Stifter)
Nr. 2 - Adalbert Stifter's lane with statue of the writer and the Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrow (Dobrá Voda)
Nr. 3 - view of Trojmezenská Hornatina (Trojmezná Highlands)
Nr. 4 - Stifter's Spruce
Nr. 5 - border mountains panorama
Nr. 6 - Stifter's Beech