The instructional trail Podskalí leads along the Otava river in the town Strakonice.

The trail acquaints visitors with natural conditions in this region along the Otava river, with its geological structure, history of Strakonice and with important persons who lived here.

The trail is passable for pedestrians and it is about 3.5 km long. The point of departure is on the left bank of the Otava river. Then the path runs along the left bank of the river and from Velká Skála (Big Rock) it continues along the right bank. It goes through the town and it ends near the castle. Along the route there are 14 informative boards describing the importance of the river for the country and the town and interests along the way.
The trail is marked with gree-white signs.

Interesting places on the trail:
Nr. 2 - Otava river
Nr. 4 - history of timber-floating
Nr. 7 - Velká Skála (Big Rock)
Nr. 9 - life of the river
Nr. 11 - Kalvárie (Calvary)
Nr. 13 - Zellerinova Stráň (Zellerins' Hillside)