The Stropnice river is the biggest and the most important tributary of the Malše river.

The small river springs on the Czech-Austrian border on the south-east hillside of Vysoká mountain (High - 1,034 m) in the Novohradské Hory (Nové Hrady Mountains). It heads to the north to the town Nové Hrady through the romantic nature park called Terčino Údolí (Theresa's Valley). Then it runs to the north-west through countryside full of ponds and empties into the Malše river near the village Římov.

The river is 54 kilometres long and it takes water from the area 397 square km. The river is navigable for small boats from the 36th kilometer of its flow.

The red marked path (between the small town Horní Stropnice and Nové Hrady) and the green marked one (between villages Dolní Stropnice and Borovany) lead along the Stropnice river.