The Napoleonic suspension bridge near the village Stádlec is an interesting technical site. It passes across the Lužnice river about 12 km from the town Tábor.

The bridge was designed by Bedřich Schnirch, the creator of many similar bridges, which were not only built in Bohemia. The bridge was constructed between 1847 - 1848 by South Bohemian industrialist Vojtěch Lanna. It originally connected banks of the Vltava river near the village Podolí (on the road Tábor - Písek).
The bridge was used over 90 years. In 1942 the new ferroconcrete bridge called Podolí Bridge was built over all the valley of the Vltava river near the suspension bridge. The suspension bridge was used till 1960, but at the time of the finishing and flooding of the Orlík Dam the bridge was taken to pieces and stored.

It was built up near Stádlec across the Lužnice river in the place of a ferry. This place looks like the original locality over the Vltava river. On 25th May 1975 the bridge was open again.

The chain bridge is 157 m long and it hangs on two double chains which lead through two stone pylons on banks.
Only small cars and motorbikes can pass through now.