The memorial lies 1 km east of the village Lety (3 km east of the small town Mirovice) on the road Tábor - Plzeň between Lety and the castle village Orlík nad Vltavou.

The memorial from 1995 reminds viewers of a concentration camp for gipsies, which was built here during the German occupation of Bohemia. A lot of gipsy families from Bohemia were here. It was originally a work camp, later its status was changed and it was used to sequester gipsies and 1942 it was changed to a camp for gipsies.
There were more than 1,300 gipsies here during its existence (August 1942 - May 1943) and more then a quarter of them died here and they are buried in the memorial grounds. The remaining others were redeployed into the exterminating camp in the town Oświęcim (Poland).

The creator of the memorial is the Czech painter Zdeněk Hůlka.

Access to the memorial is possible from the road Tábor - Milevsko - Mirovice - Plzeň. About 2 km ahead of the village Lety there is a turning-off to the right (off-road) and it leads directly to the memorial (about 500 m). The red marked path runs not far from the memorial. It leads from the castle village Orlík nad Vltavou (about 4 km) to the town Březnice.