The Hněvkovice Dam breaks the Vltava river about 4 km south-east of the town Týn nad Vltavou.

The concrete dam was built between 1986 - 1992 to provide sufficient water for the neighbouring nuclear power station Temelín. Powerful pumped storage with two Kaplan turbines (2 × 4.8 MW) was built here for the production of electricity during energy peaks and for utilization of the redundant electricity production from the power station Temelín.

The reservoir stretches about 15 km up stream on the Vltava river and it ends near the small town Hluboká nad Vltavou. It is 312 ha large and contains about 22 million cubic metres of water. The dam is 30.5 m high and 191 m long. There are three spillways on the dam-crest - each of them is 12 m wide. Water power station is controlled from a centre in Štěchovice Dam (south of Prague), which also controls near water power station in the Kořensko Dam.

The road from the town Týn nad Vltavou to the village Temelín leads across the dam. The red marked path leads around the dam and along the left bank of the Vltava river. This trail continues through the village Purkarec and the ruins of the Karlův Hrádek castle to the town České Budějovice.