The route of the instructional trail Krajinou Humanity (Countryside of Humanity) passes the south-eastern border of the Slepičí Hory (Hens' Mountains) in the surroundings of the village Chvalkov (in the area among the villages Žumberk, Slavče, and Kondrač).

The trail is dedicated to acquaint visitors with the important personalities of Humanism and with traces of their activities in this region.

The trail is only passable for pedestrians. It is 6 km long and there are 7 informative boards along the route.
The point of departure is in the small village Chvalkov near the bus station (on the road between the small towns Trhové Sviny and Benešov nad Černou).

Interesting places on the trail:
Cross near the village Mohuřice
Kondrač - village chapel