Lomec hill (552 m) lies 5 km north of the town Netolice and 5 km from the town Vodňany.

The Baroque Church of the Name of Virgin Mary stands on the eastern slope right near the top. It was founded between 1695 - 1702 and it soon became a well-known pilgrimage place. The monumental main altar was created after 1700 as a copy of the tabernacle in the Church of St. Peter in Vatican. The old huge lime trees grow around the church and the lime alley runs to the mansion in the neighbouring village Libějovice.
The rectory (originally hunters' chateau) from the first half of the 18th century stands opposite the church.

The blue marked path from Netolice (7 km) or from Vodňany (about 9 km) leads to the peak. The red marked path from the small town Bavorov joins the green marked one, which runs to the top of Lomec, near the village Svobodné Hory (about 10 km).