Královský Kámen mountain (Royal Stone - 1,059 m) lies about 3 km west of the village Javorník and about 6 km east of the small town Kašperské Hory in the Šumavské Podhůří (Šumava Foothills).

Interesting rock formations can be seen on the top and a sea of stones lies at the foot of the mountain. The small folk chapel chiseled in the rock is situated near the peak.
There are nice views of the southern part of the Šumava mountains (Bohemian Forest) on the hillsides.

The access to the peak is possible along the blue sign from the peak of Javorník (about 3 km, along the instructional trail Javorník) or from Kašperské Hory (about 6 km). The red sign leads to the top from Stachy (about 7 km) or from Sušice (about 20 km).