The Žďákov Bridge was upon its completion called the technical wonder of the world. The one-spanned steel bridge spans the Orlík Dam near the village with the chateau Orlík nad Vltavou and it became one of the dominant constructional features of South Bohemia.
The bridge's name comes from the village Žďákov, which was flooded in this place. The bridge links both banks of the Vltava river not far from the village with the chateau Orlík nad Vltavou about 15 km to the west of the town Milevsko.

The construction started in 1957 and it finished in 1965.
The architecture of the bridge embodies features which were rare at that time. It is 540 m long, the main arch spans 330 m. The bridge stands about 50 m above water level and 100 m above the bottom of the valley.

The bridge can be found on the road which runs from Tábor (Milevsko) to Plzeň (Pilsen).