Trocnov is the birth place of the important commander and leader of the Hussites Jan Žižka (born probably about 1360). The complex lies near the small village Trocnov about 14 km south-east of the town České Budějovice.

The memorial was built here in 1960. It comprises the stone statue of Jan Žižka, Museum of the Hussite movement and the so-called Žižka's Stone.
The statue was unveiled in 1960 and it was created by J. Malejovský and A. Beneš. The Žižka's Stone is the coarsely chiseled stone which was placed here by the Schwarzenbergs in 1908. It is in the place of the oak tree, where Žižka was born by legend. All parts of the memorial are connected with the marked path about 1 km long.

The memorial can be found on the red marked path leading from the village Borovany (about 3 km) or on the blue marked trail about 1 km far from the railway station Trocnov (on the railroad between the towns České Budějovice and České Velenice). Access is also possible along the road from the small village Radostice (the turning-off from the road Ledenice - Strážkovice).