Lesnická Naučná Stezka (Forestry Instructional Trail) leads in the Písecké Hory (Písek Mountains) in the neighbourhood of the town Písek.

The trail acquaints visitors with forester view of forest and its utilitazation. Installed boards introduce forest-tree species, their natural conditions, and utilization of wood.

The point of departure is by the locality "Vohybal" on the eastern outskirts of Písek, the end point is nearby the lodge "V Živci".
About 2.5 km long trail is marked with yellow triangle signed on posts with informative boards. On 25 boards along the path there are described wood species and their significance for forest and economy. In the neighbourhood of moufflon preserve there is also a resting place for visitors.
The trail is only for pedestrians.

Interesting places on the trail:
The whole trail is dedicated to acquaint with forest trees, their living conditions, evolution stages, with its significance, and utilization of wood matter. Basic characteristics are described on informative boards.