The instructional trail Graselova Stezka (Grasel's Trail) is named after the robber Johann George Grasel (1790 - 1818), who operated in the surroundings of the town Slavonice. The path leads through the countryside between Slavonice and the village Český Rudolec.

The trail introduces the visitors natural, historical, and cultural interests of this region. It also recalls activities of Johann Grasel, who had his robbery "business" there at the turn of the 19th century and commemorates the history of colonization of this region.

The trail is intended for hiking visitors, but the major part is also passable for cyclists. It is 12 km long and there are 9 informative boards along the path. The way goes from Slavonice to Český Rudolec. The point of departure is in Slavonice near Dačická Brána (Dačice gate) (in the direction of the village Stálkov). The path, going to the right from the town street behind the Church of St. John the Baptist (on the left side), leads to the first stop of the trail.
The path is marked by the marks with yellow circle in brown background and with the logo of the trail.

Interesting places on the trail:
Slavonice - the unique town Renaissance complex with many sights, museum
Pilgrimage Church of the Holy Ghost with nice view of Slavonice
Forest ponds - fauna and flora, protected plants and animals
Grasel's Cave - group of stones creating a small cave - probable Grasel's hiding place
Schiller's Stones - group of stones, by legend the place where the dramatist F. Schiller gathered inspiration for his drama "Die Räuber".
Peníkov sawmill - unique all-wood water saw - important technical monument
Český Rudolec - ruins of the chateau called "Moravian Hluboká"