The nature reserve Prameny Vltavy (Springs of the Vltava river) was for a long time (from the Second World War till 1989) forbidden area for tourist and it is one of the most interesting and frequented places in the National Park Šumava (Bohemian Forest) now. It lies on the slope of Černá Hora (Black Mount - 1,315 m) near the border of the Czech Republic and Germany. The spring is considered to be the hindmost source of the longest Czech river - Vltava. First the stream is called Černý Potok (Black Stream - to the small village Borová Lada) and then it has the name Teplá Vltava (Hot Vltava).

Before the Second World War here was a tourist lodge and during the war work camp for officers of the Soviet Army.

The spring of the Vltava river can be found on the blue marked path, which leads from the small village Kvilda (6 km), on the green sign, which leads through the nature reserve Bučina (Beechwood) - there is a frontier to Germany - (10 km) and on the red sign, which goes from the village Strážný (18 km) or from the settlement Modrava (12 km). The area is in the Zone I (most protected areas) of the National Park Šumava.