The upper reaches of the Blanice river and the valley along the river represents a valuable nature area. The part between the village Arnoštov and the ruins of the Hus castle is established as the nature reserve called Horní Blanice (Upper Blanice).

The access to the reserve is possible along the red marked path from the railway station Spálenec, which lies on the railroad between the towns Prachatice - Volary. The trail leads to Volary (about 10 km) through the reserve. The circular bicycle trail runs through the part of the reserve from Volary (about 30 km). The nice trip offers the trail along the yellow marked path from the village Blažejovice to the north which joins the blue one leading by the Křišťanovický Rybník (Křišťanovice Pond) and the ruins of the Hus castle. Then from the intersection of the blue marked path with the road we can continue along this road back to Blažejovice (about 8 km).