Černé Jezero (Black Lake) is the most beautiful and the largest morainic lake in Šumava mountains (Bohemian Forest). It lies on the slope of Jezerní Hora (Lake Mount - 1,343 m) about 4 km north-east of the town Železná Ruda, 1,008 m a.s.l.

The lake was dug out by the movement of glaciers in the Pleistocene. The 330 metres high rock face called "Lake Wall", which was formed by glacier as well, towers above the lake. It nearly reaches to the top of Jezerní Hora.
The lake is 18.5 ha large, 800 m long (from the dam to the wall) and its maximal depth is 40 m. The Černý Potok (Black Stream) runs from the lake.

Černé Jezero and the near Čertovo Jezero (Devil's Lake) are protected together in one nature reserve Černé a Čertovo Jezero (Black and Devil's Lakes).

In the 1920's the first Czech pumped storage with water reservoir was built under the lake. The power station is a technical monument in present.

The yellow marked path from the parking-lot in Špičácké Sedlo (about 3 km north of Železná Ruda near the road to the town Nýrsko) leads to the lake (3.5 km).