The Sedlice Dam breaks the Želivka river about 4 km east of the small town Želiv and 9 km south-west of the town Humpolec. It is one of the oldest dams in the Czech Republic (finished in 1927).

It was built near the village Sedlice behind the place where the Želivka river begins - the confluence of the small river called Hejlovka and the Hejnický Potok stream. The dam made of brick is 11 m high and 118 m long (at the crest). The dam, which flooded the valley behind the dam, is 40.5 ha large, about 3 km long and it contains 2.3 million cubic metres of water. The maximal depth is 15 m. This hydroengineering structure is used for the production of electricity and the banks of the dam are used for recreation.

The road from Želiv leads through the village Sedlice to Humpolec and to the dam. The red marked path from Želiv goes to the dam too (about 10 km) and then runs along the dam to the town Pelhřimov. The access to the dam is possible along the yellow sign from the small town Červená Řečice (about 10 km).