The instructional trail Čertova Stezka (Devil's Trail) goes in the town Písek and its vicinity along the Otava river.

The trail acquaints visitors with natural, historical, and technical interests along the Otava river in Písek and its surroundings.

The trail is mainly intended for pedestrians, but cyclists can use it as well. The path is 9 km long with 22 informative boards and it is marked by tourist signs. On the left bank of the Otava river the trail leads along the local path named after the writer Fráňa Šrámek (green signs), on the right bank of the river it keeps track on the Ševčík's Trail (red signs).
The point of departure is in the Písek's suburb called Václavské Předměstí.

Interesting places on the trail:
Nr. 1 - St. Wenceslas' Church, the only Catholic church in the Czech Republic with illustration of burning of Master John Huss
Nr. 4 – Sklopenka overhanging rock
Nr. 5 – Věž Lásky (Tower of Love), former checkpoint of military shooting-range
Nr. 8 – Hlava (Head), a boulder in the shape of head
Nr. 15 – Skalní Stěny (Cliffs), cliffs used for mountain climbing training
Nr. 18 – Císařský Sad (Imperial Orchard), the memorial commemorating former orchard
Nr. 22 – waterworks - in a place of the former water iron-mill