The Příběnice castle towered above the valley of the Lužnice river, 440 m a.s.l. It was one of the largest medieval castle precincts in Bohemia together with the Příběničky castle on the opposite bank of the river.

The first mention of the castle comes from 1243. In the 14th century the castle was enlarged. In 1420 it was captured by the Hussites and after the peace agreement between the Hussites and the King (1437) it was destroyed.
The other castle called Příběničky ("Small Příběnice") was smaller and it was built together with the Příběnice castle on the opposite bank of the river. They were connected by a bridge and they were destroyed together too.

Remains of the castle are in good condition. The remains of the octagonal tower and part of the palace, chapel, walls and moat have been preserved up till present.

The ruins are situated on the outskirts of the village of the same name. They can be found on the red marked trail leading along the Lužnice river from the town Tábor (about 10 km). Other ways are possible from the small town Malšice (blue sign, about 4 km) or from the small village Dražičky (yellow sign, about 5 km).