The very well perceptible and catchy silhouette of Bobík mountain (1,263 m) towers above the Volarská Kotlina (Volary Basin) near the town Volary. It is sometimes called Velký Bobík (Big Bobík).

The rock above the peak offers a nice view of the valley of the Blanice river, region of the town Volary and Boubín mountain.

The top of the mountain can be found on the red marked path leading from Volary (8 km) or from the slope of Boubín mountain from the monument called Křížová Smrč ("Cross Spruce" - 6 km). The peak is accessible along the blue marked path which joins the red one from the village Záblatí (about 12 km) or from the railway station in the small village Zátoň (about 8 km).