The only South Bohemian narrow-gauge railway connects the village Obrataň (about 8 km south-west of the town Pacov) with the town Jindřichův Hradec and the small town Nová Bystřice.

The railroad was built in two parts. The first part leads from Jindřichův Hradec to Nová Bystřice and it was built between 1896 - 1897. The project was developed several years and the licence for construction was issued in 1894. The railroad arose in one and half year and the first train rode these tracks in October 1897. The railway with gauge 760 mm was officially opened on 11th November 1897. The line is 33 km long and it runs across eight bridges. In 1906 the discussion about the lengthening of this railroad to Austria started, but the project was never implemented.

The second half of the railway from Jindřichův Hradec to Obrataň) was built between 1902 - 1906. This part is 46 km long and the journey took 2 hours and 45 minuntes for the original trains. In present it takes about one hour less.

The railroad has been preserved as a technical site. Some historical and special trips with a lot of performances can be visited there in summertime. The regular transport is on the railway as well.