The dam lies on the Blanice river near the town Husinec about 5 km north of the town Prachatice. It is one of the oldest functional dams in South Bohemia.

The construction of the dam started in 1934. It was built for the protection of Husinec against floods. The dam takes in water in the spring thaw.
The dam was finished in 1939 and it later became a source of drinkable water for Prachatice.
A small water power station was built at the foot of the dam between 1950 - 1954. The Kaplan turbine with the power output 0.5 MW has been installed there.
The stone dam is 34 m high. The dam-crest, which is 25 m above the water level, is 196.5 m long and 5 m wide. The reservoir is 68 ha large and contains 6.53 million cubic metres of water.

The dam was built from stones, which were obtained from the neighbouring quarry. They were transported by the long cable-way, which spanned the wide valley of the Blanice river.

The road between Prachatice and Husinec and the red marked path from Prachatice (about 5 km) to Husinec (about 3 km) go on the dam. The yellow sign leads from the dam along the lake and then along the Blanice river.