The pilgrimage Baroque Church of the Most Holy Trinity stands about 1 km south of the small town Trhové Sviny.

The church was built under the design of the unknown creator between 1705 - 1709. It is often attributed to the architect K. I. Dienzenhofer. It has the layout in the shape of a pentagram and in its vertixes there are three semi-circular and three rectangular niches with small turrets. The church is enclosed with the polygonal cloister with three gates. The look of the church with domes is similar to Russian churches.
The central nave is arched with a dome containing a lantern. The frescos in the interior originates from the time of the construction of the church. The furnishings are in the Baroque style, the main altar is by Master V. Jäckel from 1718.

The church can be found on the red marked path leading from Trhové Sviny (1 km) or near the road from Trhové Sviny to the small town Benešov nad Černou.
The instructional trail Trhosvinensko ("Trhové Sviny Region") also passes the church.