The small village Křeč is situated 5 km north-west of the small town Černovice and about 18 km east of the town Tábor, 645 m a.s.l.

Křeč is first mentioned in the middle of the 14th century. It is very well-known as a place of the last Hussite battle in 1435 - the Hussites were conquered here by the soldiers of Oldřich Rožmberk. The monument near the road to Černovice commemorates this event.

The Gothic Church of St. James the Greater in the village was built originally in the Romanesque style. Its Late-Gothic appearance is from the 15th century. Only the apse with the wall paintings from the 14th century has been preserved from the original Romanesque church.

Not far from Křeč there is the pilgrimage Chapel of St. Anne, hidden in the forest. The chapel is accessible along the road from Křeč in the direction of Chýnov. There is a turning-off to the left (in the direction of Vlčeves) about 1 km behind Křeč. At the end of the forest, along this road, there is a turning-off to the left. This path leads to the chapel and a small village Svatá Anna. There also was a small spa above the healing spring in the village in past.