Staňkovský Rybník (Staňkov Pond) lies along the Czech-Austrian border in the Protected Landscape Area Třeboňsko near the small village Staňkov.

It is the 7th largest pond in Bohemia and it upsprung behind the dam on the Koštěnický Potok (Koštěnice Stream). It was founded in 1550 by Mikuláš Ruthard, who built a noteworthy system of ponds in the domain of the Krajíř family in the middle of the 16th century as well.

The pond was originally called Soused (Neighbour) and later Velký Bystřický. Its revetment is 14 m high and 160 m long. The water area behind the dam is 241 ha large and it has 6.6 million cubic metres of water. The maximal depth is 10 m. The pond, with the length 6 km and perimeter 21 km, takes water from the area 124 square km. Its north-eastern bank forms the state boundary with Austria.