The village Štěkeň is situated about 8 km east of the town Strakonice on the left bank of the Otava river, 388 m a.s.l.

The village was first mentioned in 1318 - it was a property of Bašek of Štěkeň. The owners often changed. The last possessor was the Windischgrätz family from 1781 till the 20th of the 20th century.

The place of interest is the large park with the Baroque mansion. The mansion was built between 1664 - 1665. Another sight in the village is the parochial Baroque St. Nicholas' Church, which was built in the place of the original Gothic church.

The journalist and the founder of the agrarian movement in the Czech Republic Alfons Šťastný was born in Štěkeň.

The instructional trail Kolem Štěkně (Around Štěkeň) leads through the village and its surroundings. It is also called "Klostermann's Trail" after the writer Karel Klostermann who lived a part of his life in Štěkeň and its near vicinity.