The nature park Josafatské Údolí (Josafat Valley) lies along the Bělá brook between the settlements Hroby and Sudkův Důl about 5 km west of the small town Černovice.

The romantic valley is about 8 km long. The most interesting part is between the settlements Nové Dvory and Sudkův Důl (about 4 km). Some rare and protected plant species can be found in the forests on the slopes of the valley. The name of the valley originates from the Hussite era (the 15th century), when a lot of places were named with biblical names.
The ruins of the former fortress called Údolský Hrádek from the 14th century stand above the pond approximately in the middle of the valley.
In Sudkův Důl there is very well preserved fortress of the same name from the 15th century.

The Josafatské Údolí is accessible along the yellow marked tourist path from the village Choustník (about 12 km). The red marked one leads from Černovice to Sudkův Důl (about 5 km). The road and railroad lead by Sudkův Důl from the village Obrataň or from Černovice.