The small village Čeňkova Pila ("Čeněk's Sawmill") lies on the confluence of the small river Křemelná and the Vydra river, about 4 km south of the village Rejšten, 670 m a.s.l. This confluence is the beginning of the Otava river.

The sawmill was founded near the Vchynicko-Tetovský Kanál (Vchynice-Tetov Canal) in the 19th century. The canal was built for floating timber between the Křemelná and the Vydra rivers. The name of the village comes from the name of the owner of the sawmill Čeněk Bubeníček.
The Czech composer Bedřich Smetana often visited this place and the legend says,that the topic for his symphonic poem Vltava originated from here.

Čeňkova Pila is the well-known and favourite starting point of trips to the Povydří (Vydra Valley).